About thelonelyegg

thelonelyegg is an online community of foodies and recipes. We are currently in an open beta, so sign up and share your friendship with food!


We all eat. It is a requirement to sustain life. Food means a lot of different things to different people, but we here believe that food is about sharing. We feel it is a pleasure to cook for and with others, and that every meal is improved with company. Memory is distinctly linked with our sense of smell, and what do we smell with more attention than our food? Our relationships with family and friends are embedded in banana bread, our hardest and most glorious times are celebrated with sushi, and while we may never be able to make scones quite like our mothers', just the attempt is enough to remind us of home. Sharing recipes is sharing friendships, and we are here to facilitate the former in the hopes of the latter.


We are still working to make thelonelyegg what we dream it to be, and until we get there, we will bear the tag of "beta". We've got some ideas for the site, but if you would care to add your two cents, please join our Google group!