Mexican Tabbouleh

Submitted by kslays

I wanted to make tabbouleh, and when I saw the jicama in the grocery store, inspiration struck!


  • parsley - one or two bunches
  • bulgur - one or two cups
  • lemons (preferably meyer) - at least 3, be sure to cut slices as garnish!
  • olive oil - loose wrist!
  • jicama - 1 very large or 2 medium sized tubers
  • avocados (optional) - 1 or 2, barely ripe so they don't mush
  • cilantro (not too much!) - 1/4 bunch
  • spring onions or scallions - 2 spring onions or 4 scallions
  • tomatoes (try to find good raw eating ones, like multicolor cherry or heirloom) - handful cherry; or one or two bigun's
  • radishes - small handful
  • cayenne, salt, pepper, perhaps a bit of paprika and maybe cumin and coriander


  1. Mince everything except the jicama, which should be featured a little larger (1.5cm cubes?) to maintain its crunch. Also cube the avo's if you're adding them.
  2. I like to steam the bulgur like rice (one to one) so it is nice and soft, and you can use whole-grain cracked wheat (which absolutely must be cooked!) for a healthier stronger-tasting alternative.
  3. Use more olive oil than you think, and more lemons.
  4. Be sure to add the cayenne a little bit at a time and mix and taste because it is easy to add too much!


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