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I'm the host of this establishment, so if anything goes wrong, it's pretty much my fault.

My mother is an excellent cook, but she insisted that her kids would know how to feed themselves when they got out into the real world, so our training started as soon as we could reach the stove. I'm pretty sure the first thing I actually cooked was instant ramen, but that was one of the few instant things we ever had in the house. My brother and I soon got into making macaroni and cheese, pizza, and a concoction my brother called "meaty muck". Now I'm baking bread almost weekly and my brother hunts the forests for fresh mushrooms to put in his dinner. My sister has also joined the cooking fray, constructing the elaborately layered kulebyaka one Christmas eve, so I think it's safe to say we have done our mother proud in the cooking arena.

When I got to college, I managed to find a number of other foodies, and when we had the time and energy we would cook for one another. Senior year we all shared a house the cooking frequency increased dramatically. We all had our favorite recipes of each other's, and we lamented the time soon to come without late night banana bread and elaborate dinners when someone else didn't have class. I made a vow to create an online cookbook where we could share these recipes to keep in touch on a gastronomic level.

Three years later, I finally put together enough skill and knowledge to get thelonelyegg up and running.